Nicholson Campaign: ICYMI: Nicholson calls Evers ‘soft-on-crime governor’ who is failing the people of Wisconsin

June 13, 2022  |  WISPOLITICS

ICYMI: On Sunday Morning, Kevin Nicholson - a Marine Corps combat veteran, political outsider, and a Republican candidate for Wisconsin Governor - took to Twitter and issues a thread of 11 tweets calling out Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers' many failings when it comes to crime:


June 9, 2022  |  WISPOLITICS

Today, Kevin Nicholson, a Marine Corps combat veteran, political outsider, and a Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor, called on the Wisconsin state legislature and Governor Tony Evers to provide some relief at the pump to Wisconsin residents by repealing the minimum markup on gasoline sales in Wisconsin.

Nicholson campaign: Urges Wisconsin Parole Board chair to deny parole to Daniel Dower for murdering his foster father Joseph Vite

June 1, 2022  |  WISPOLITICS

Today, Kevin Nicholson sent a letter to Wisconsin Parole Board Chair John Tate, who was appointed by Governor Tony Evers, demanding that he deny parole and keep Daniel Dower behind bars for brutally murdering his foster father, Joseph Vite, in 1985. This demand comes at the request of the Vite family, who reached out to Nicholson with concerns over Tate’s egregious decisions to let murderers back into society. The Vite family believes the parole board is scheduled to take up Dower’s parole on June 7th.

Nicholson campaign: Nicholson files nomination signatures; issues debate challenge to other GOP gubernatorial candidates

May 31, 2022  |  WISPOLITICS

Today, Kevin Nicholson, a Marine Corps combat veteran, political outsider, and a Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor, filed the maximum 4,000 nomination signatures with the Wisconsin Elections Commission, ensuring his place on the Republican primary ballot on August 9th. He also issued a debate challenge to his primary opponents, requesting they join him in participating in public debates throughout Wisconsin. Nicholson is seeking a series of structured debates in seven cities during June, July, and August, leading up to the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Kevin Nicholson: Let The Voters of Wisconsin Decide

May 13, 2022  |  Wisconsin Right Now

Simply put, the stakes are too high to cede our decision-making to insider games and Madison politics.  When I address the delegates to the Republican Party of Wisconsin on May 21st, I will say just that.  I will further encourage the delegates to not endorse any candidate before the primary, and avoid wasting the party’s time and resources on a candidate who has not been chosen by Wisconsin voters.


Kevin Nicholson: Calls on Governor Evers to remove Chairman Tate from parole board over decision to release violent felon who brutally killed his wife by stabbing her 42 times

May 10, 2022  |  

Nicholson also calls on Governor Evers to reverse the decision of the Chair of the Parole Board to release violent felon, Douglas Balsewicz, and instead, keep him behind bars. 

Kevin Nicholson: Calls on Governor Evers, Attorney General Josh Kaul, and Milwaukee DA John Chisholm to enforce Wisconsin law

May 4, 2022  |  WISPOLITICS.COM

Kevin Nicholson is calling on Governor Tony Evers, Attorney General Josh Kaul, and Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm to respect and enforce existing Wisconsin law banning abortions in the state, should Roe v. Wade be overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Pro-Life Wisconsin PAC: Makes Gubernatorial Endorsement

April 19, 2022  |  WISPOLITICS.COM

Pro-Life Wisconsin announced today that they have endorsed Kevin Nicholson for governor. You can read their statement here. 

Nicholson for Wisconsin Veterans Advisory Team

April 11, 2022  |  WISPOLITICS.COM

Today, Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson announced a ‘Veterans Advisory Team’ – military veterans from across the state who have joined together to support his campaign. Members include veterans from the Korean Conflict, Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Kevin Nicholson: Support of Sheriff David Clarke

April 8, 2022  |  

I’m happy to have the support of Sheriff David Clarke and so many other law enforcement leaders from throughout Wisconsin in this gubernatorial campaign.

Kevin Nicholson: Lawmakers should view service like National Guard

March 31, 2022  |  THECENTERSQUARE.COM

One Republican candidate for governor in Wisconsin wants to pay lawmakers less in order to get them to think more about service. 

“Look at it a lot like National Guard Service,” Nicholson explained. “Members of the National Guard do have to miss certain days of work in order to meet their required service, training, or deployment. But at the end of the day, they are able to do all different jobs in all walks of life. So everybody from firefighters to cops to teachers to business owners, and everyone in between serves in the National Guard.”

Kevin Nicholson: Calls on Gov. Evers to remove chairman from Veterans Board over felony charges

March 28, 2022  |  WISPOLITICS.COM

Today, Kevin Nicholson sent a letter to Governor Tony Evers demanding that he remove his appointee currently serving as the Chair of the Wisconsin Veterans Board, Curtis Schmitt Jr.

Wisconsin Family Action PAC: Makes gubernatorial endorsement

March 16, 2022  |  WISPOLITICS.COM

Wisconsin Family Action Political Action Committee (WFA PAC) announced
today that it has endorsed Kevin Nicholson for governor. 

A Safer Wisconsin: My Pledge as Your Governor

March 16, 2022  |  Wisconsin Right Now

Last May, I wrote about escalating violence in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At that point, homicides in the city had already doubled over what they were the year before – matching trendlines in spiking violence in cities across America. Ultimately, Milwaukee ended 2021 with 197 homicides, the most in the city’s history. Other communities throughout our state have also seen escalating violent crime rates between 2010 and 2020 – including Green Bay (49%), Eau Claire (37%), Kenosha (31%), and Wausau (71%).

Nicholson for Wisconsin 'Law Enforcement Advisory Team'

March 16, 2022  


Kevin Nicholson: 5 Point Plan for a Safer Wisconsin

March 15, 2022  

Gubernatorial candidate Kevin Nicholson announced his 5 Point Plan for a Safer Wisconsin. The plan comes as Wisconsinites throughout the state have seen dramatic upticks in violent crime.

Nicholson for Wisconsin Grassroots Leadership Team

March 3, 2022  

Our campaign is excited to announce our outstanding grassroots leadership team for each congressional district in Wisconsin! We’re honored to have the support of so many seasoned volunteers who've been working for years for conservative values & candidates in our state. Forward.

Kevin Nicholson: My Response to the Republican Party of Wisconsin Endorsement Process

February 24, 2022  |  WISPOLITICS.COM

Dear Members of the RPW Endorsement Committee, Thank you for reaching out and thank you also for volunteering your time to our party and our cause. As you all know, I am deeply committed to winning the governor’s race this year, as well as winning up and down the ballot and growing the conservative movement in our state. We must do this so we can address fundamental problems in the education of our children, the dissolution of law and order, and the conduct of our elections. In short, we need to get our society back on track with decisive leadership – and that is the point of my campaign for governor.

Wisconsin: Their Punchline, Our Home

February 24, 2022  |  Wisconsin Right Now

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board recently highlighted the anger many Wisconsin conservatives feel about the illegal voting practices seen in the 2020 election in our state: ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, the inundation of private funds into our public elections, and the ineffective Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC). Recent pieces in Politico and the New York Times have also noted the concerns Wisconsinites have around the conduct of our elections...

Kevin Nicholson: I’m Running to be Your Governor

January 27, 2022  |  Wisconsin Right Now

At a crucial point in history, Wisconsin has lost its way. Our state and our society are being torn apart by a shameless and ineffective political class whose leadership failures have destroyed businesses and crushed Wisconsin’s economy. Our children are taught the intellectual poison of critical race theory, which encourages them to hate each other based on their race. Our very notion of law and order is falling apart before our eyes as violent crime skyrockets. Our elections are a mess, and our politicians seem incapable of cleaning them up...