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Kevin Nicholson is a husband and father, native Wisconsinite, Marine Corps veteran, private sector businessman, and the founder and former volunteer president of No Better Friend Corp.

As the people of Wisconsin worry about the future of our state, Kevin believes it’s time to turn the page and enact bold reforms that will put us on a trajectory for success. Kevin’s service in the Marine Corps was fundamental to developing his bold leadership style, and Wisconsin conservative talk radio host Mark Belling called Kevin “perhaps the most important conservative activist we have in the state right now.”

While working full-time in the private sector, Kevin founded and  previously served as the volunteer President & CEO of No Better Friend Corp. – an organization named after the Marine Corps’ unofficial slogan, “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy” – with the mission of growing the conservative movement and advocating for conservative policies in Wisconsin.    

No Better Friend Corp. has reached and organized thousands of Wisconsinites around a mission that encourages economic growth, protects innocent life, advocates for school choice, pushes for market forces in health care, and demands a strong national defense.  With six paid staff and countless volunteers, No Better Friend Corp. galvanized parents and taxpayers across the state to fight Critical Race Theory, while also advocating for Wisconsin’s law enforcement professionals. 

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Kevin is a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He served as a combat engineer platoon commander as part of the troop surge to Iraq in 2007 in Al Anbar province. From 2008-2009, he was deployed to Afghanistan, where he led a quick reaction force of Marines, soldiers, airmen, sailors, and civilian contractors in the fight against enemy IED cells as part of Joint Task Force Paladin.

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Following his deployment to Afghanistan, Kevin was awarded the Bronze Star for heroic achievement in a combat zone after his commanding officer cited him as "the best Counter-Improvised Explosive Device team leader in Afghanistan."


Following his service in the military, Kevin learned there is perhaps no greater cultural chasm in the world than between the Marines in Afghanistan and the academics at Harvard. Kevin earned a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a Masters of Business Administration from Dartmouth Tuck School of Business.      


In the private sector, Kevin is a management consultant, serving a variety of clients in the financial sector. He advises employers on the risks they take each and every day as they work to serve their clients and customers.


Kevin ran for the U.S. Senate in 2018, and created No Better Friend Corp. in 2019 for the same reason he joined the Marines in the middle of the war on terror: because the future of America is worth fighting for.


Kevin has never shied away from answering the call to serve his community and country. With failing schools, eroding law and order, a broken healthcare system, and a lack of election integrity in the state of Wisconsin, Kevin Nicholson’s battle-tested leadership and principled conservative values make him the fighter that Wisconsinites need at the tip of the spear.

Kevin was born in Milwaukee, graduated from Homestead High School in Mequon, and received his BA from the University of Minnesota, where he met his wife. He and his wife Jessie live in Delafield with their three children. 

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