Get Kevin on the Ballot

Image by Federico Respini

Thank you for helping Kevin Nicholson’s campaign for Governor. We are so grateful you are willing to help to circulate and gather signatures for nomination papers. Your help ensures Kevin is on the ballot and will also demonstrate our campaign’s statewide grassroots network of support. 
Please refer to the important notes below and contact the campaign if you have further questions.


Papers must not be circulated until April 15, 2022.
• A circulator must be eligible to vote in the State of Wisconsin and be 18 years of age or older.
• Circulators and signers may only circulate and sign forms for one candidate for each office.
• Circulators must personally collect the signatures on the Nomination Form. Forms may not be left unattended on counters or posted on bulletin boards, etc.
• The circulators must completely fill out his or her complete address, along with municipality of residence. Mailing address is not sufficient.
• The circulator must certify (sign) and date the nomination paper before returning it to the campaign.
• The circulator must not certify the form until he or she is done circulating the form. This means that the date of certification must be on or after the date of the last nomination signature received.
• If you run out of Nomination Forms, you are free to make copies or print out blank forms.
• DO NOT number the page at the bottom of the form. That will be done by the Nicholson For Wisconsin campaign once all the forms are collected.


• All signers must be eligible to vote in the state of Wisconsin and be 18 years of age or older.
• The signer’s address of residence must always be listed. Mailing address is not sufficient.
• Signers may only fill out one candidate’s form for Governor.
• Signers MUST fill out the FULL name of the municipality where they reside (i.e., write “Milwaukee” not “Milw”).
• Signers must check the box that identifies town/city/village of residence.

Original copies of the completed forms can be returned to:

Nicholson for Wisconsin
P.O. Box 454
Hartland, WI 53029


Nomination forms that are sent via fax or email CANNOT be accepted. Please call 262-288-4740 If you have any questions.