Building Wisconsin's Future

As Governor, I will focus on an agenda that does the following: 

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Save our K-12 Education

Keep schools open and in-person with full transparency for all curriculums. Institute universal school choice to fund students instead of systems and protect them from the intellectual poison of Critical Race Theory.  Pass Constitutional Amendment to transition the Department of Public Instruction Superintendent role to an Education Secretary.​


Re-Establish Law and Order

Institute mandatory minimum bail & sentencing for violent charges and convictions. Remove district attorneys that refuse to keep us safe.  Mandate use of E-Verify to deter and stop illegal immigration.​

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Establish Election Integrity

End ballot harvesting and use of ballot drop boxes to restore faith in our election processes and eliminate the unaccountable Wisconsin Election Commission. Mandate the counting of all legally requested and legally returned absentee ballots at one statewide location with transparency. 

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Build our Economy and Reduce our Government Spending

Conduct zero based state budgeting on a go forward basis; every year every department starts with $0 and justifies every dollar received. Maintain our roads to grow commerce and tourism. Lower income and property taxes.  Aggressively advocate for trade policies that allow Wisconsin businesses to sell their products across America and the globe.​


Protect Innocent Life

End state funding of Planned Parenthood and initiate state funding of existing Pregnancy Resource Centers throughout Wisconsin.

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Health Care

Eliminate mask mandates and illegal vaccine mandates. Mandate price transparency in Wisconsin health care. Facilitate the establishment of direct primary care networks throughout Wisconsin.​


Reform Higher Education

Mandate that Wisconsin universities offer 3 year completion timelines for undergrad degrees, 3+1 undergrad/graduate programs, and hit aggressive graduation timeline targets to receive continued state funding. Sue universities that violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964 through the teaching of Critical Race Theory.​